No. 31, Daulagala Road, Pilimathalawa 20450, Sri Lanka.

Our organization, which started its operations with an initial work force of 60, has been successful in providing an array of various Umbrellas, Mosquito nets, Socks and Rain coats of different designs and styles to suit the requirement of a varied clientele.

The leadership for the “Shelter” Company was given by two individuals who had an in depth knowledge and experience of over 30 years in this field. During this 30 year period the number of employees has risen to 1500 which was achieved through the leadership of Mr. Nawas A Rahman. Many awards such as the Quality awards, 5S awards, and National Productivity awards were won during this 30 year period.

Apart from the above awards, Mr. Nawas A Rahman was instrumental in obtaining the ISO certificate and SLS certificate given by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution, again, due to his Wide knowledge gained in the field of Management and Administration and helped in achieving the above goals.

He was able to achieve all these goals due to his experiences in foreign lands, attending training and workshops in Japan, and training achieved in China on the Manufacture of umbrellas and administration. The present goals for the Shelter Umbrellas are due to the vast 30 year experience gained by its present owners.


The experience gained in the marketing field for over 30 years has helped Mr. M.S.M. Mansoor in this venture to contribute his knowledge and expertise in the manufacture and marketing of the Shelter Umbrellas, Mosquito nets, Socks and Rain coats. His experience in handling over 5000 customers and handling the administrative functions in an island wide network where he handled the fleet of 30 vehicles in the field has contributed greatly to the success of the present venture.

This venture, which is the “Shelter” umbrella factory, was started, based on the experience of both these two gentlemen and it is their fervent hope and dream that they are committed to give a product that is excellent in quality and standard to the country and the rest of the world.

Our umbrellas are smart, dependable and are of high quality, manufactured in conformity with international standards. They vary in size and style suitable for the 21st century and are manufactured through innovation and modern technology. The ultimate fulfilment of style and protection from the elements and its durability are all taken into account during the planning, designing and manufacturing stages and we take full responsibility for all these qualities.

The staff is provided with comfortable working conditions and an environment where, apart from the legal requirements they are provided with many welfare measures, and incentives. Workers are given responsibilities in the manufacture of products and their marketing so that they are given the idea that they are in fact a part and parcel of our organization. Their innovative ideas are also taken into account at all stages of manufacture- from the designing stage up to the manufacturing and marketing stage so that they feel that they too have contributed to these attributes which has had a greater impact in our society.

Our workforce has always been encourages to be open, honest and be transparent in their dealings with our customers and the outside world. By being open, the company encourages constructive criticism and ideas of our workers given for the benefit of our Company and its customers.

The Company has taken many measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its entire staff by having various health schemes, training programs, safety regulations, and creating an atmosphere of safety, free from accidents and free from environmental hazards by going beyond stipulated legal requirements.

Our workforce enjoys a happy working environment where productivity is very high due to these factors.